With about 20 years’ of experience on custom synthesis, Valiant can fully meet customers' requirement from kilogram to hundreds of tons by using our multifunctional facilities.
There are six production sites (Headquarters, Production Base, Gem Chemicals, Haichuan Chemicals, Valiant Pharmaceutical and Vanhydro Chemicals) with total area of 280,000 m2, 647 sets of vessels with total volume of 2,122,562 L, which range from 100L to 20000L and cover industrial scale of high-pressure hydrogenation reaction which can be up to 26 MPa, cryogenic reaction which can be low to -100℃, Wittig and Grignard reaction, etc.

²   Ability to transform the lab results into pilot production within a minimum period of one month;
²   Experienced in scale-up process and commercialized production;
²   Standardized production process and quality control procedures;
²   Ability to design production lines; 
²   Supporting measures for production safety, environmental protection and clean production.

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