Research and innovation

Valiant R&D center has more than 263 staff including PhDs, masters and undergraduates. We own the advanced R&D platform to proceed with the development work in great width and depth in the area of Electronic information materials, Environmental protection materials and Health-care materials. The high-quality technical talents and high-standard management enable the company to provide products with high-tech and high added value.

Valiant also set up close cooperative relationships with institutions both in domestic and abroad, such as Beijing University, Poland National Defense University, Liaoning University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Nanjing University and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, etc. Besides, we have invited more than ten domestic and international experts as technical consultants to participate in making directions for company’s technology and development, as well as sharing and communicating information.

In order to stimulate initiatives of R&D staff and improve the quality of scientific research work, Valiant establishes incentive mechanism and measures, setting up a great amount of annual reward to encourage the innovation.

We invest more than 6% of annual sales in R&D. Every year about dozens of new products are developed.


Most of organic reactions, inorganic hydrothermal synthesis and polymerization, such as polyacrylic, polyester and polyimide, could be conducted in R&D lab. More than 4000 compounds have been developed, and more than 1200 products have entered into the market.


We were awarded the title of “National Hi-Tech Enterprise” in 2008 and “National Level Enterprise Technology Center” in 2013.


Intellectual Property: Valiant strictly follows the national laws and regulations about intellectual property. Sound management system is established to respect others’ intellectual property and safeguard ours.

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