Talent Concept

We create the good work environment and development platform for all staff. Employees are the most important wealth and strategic resources for Valiant. Every year we make considerable investment on training to make sure employees could be constantly improved in the whole process of career development. We also designed multi-sequence career development channels and provided different approaches to the higher position. Multi-sequence could make employees improve not only in their positions, but also in other areas. Employees can switch their roles according to their own development and company’s development to develop new careers.

We strictly comply with labor law and other relevant laws, offer a competitive salary and constantly improve the level of compensation and benefits according to the social development level, and Valiant strives to make every employees happy.

Valiant will continue to adhere to the principle that talent is the development of the company, attract talents with development and retain talents with culture.
To achieve strategic objectives and build high-quality talent team, Valiant actively implements talent expansion planning, recruit, training and improve talents especially for R&D, management and marketing, and through combination of own training and proper introduction perfect the company’s talent team. Analyze and optimize the recruitment strategy, establish quantifiable evaluation system based on the model of competence for different positions, optimize and expand the recruitment channels, set up position evaluation system, adopt flexible and effective incentive mechanism, enhance employees’ initiative; optimize training policies, increase the investment on training, strive to improve the whole quality of employees, strengthen modern business management ability, innovation ability and decision-making ability of the senior managerial staff; constantly adjust and improve the enterprise performance evaluation policy according to the development of the enterprise every year, make timely task decomposition according to the annual business priorities and annual targets, which is reflected in evaluation goals of the systems and departments ; emphasize employees’ career development planning, make everybody fully displayed, strengthen corporate culture, strengthen employees’ sense of unity and pride in the company.

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