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Production characteristics
With about 20 years’ of experience on custom synthesis, Valiant can fully meet customers' requireme…
Research and innovation
Valiant R&D center has more than 263 staff including PhDs, masters and undergraduates. We own th…
Social Responsibility
As a member of society, Valiant has always been taking “social responsibility” as a criterion of j…
[Chemical name] [CAS] 1,4-CYCLOHEXANEDICARBOXYBIC ACID 1076-97-7[Mol. formula] […more
Minodronic acid hydrate
Minodronic acid hydrateStructure Formula: C9H12N2O7P2.H2O CAS: 127657-42-5more
A Short Words about Valiant
As one of the few public companies focusing on advanced chemical materials in China, Valiant Co., Ltd. has dev… more
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